Focus on Cultural and Historical Exploration, May 8 to 14 on ReadWriteThink

29th Asian Pacific American Heritage FestivalIn her Community Story, Jacquelynn Pleis describes how she uses ReadWriteThink’s Exploring and Sharing Family Stories lesson plan as part of a year-end celebration of students’ cultural backgrounds. If you don’t have time for the kind of cultural fair that Pleis describes, try one of the cultural or historical events from this week’s calendar.

You can look at music and the blues, civil rights in the U.S., and the Puerto Rican Independence movement. For a wider focus, ask students to talk about their personal heroes, whether cultural, historical, or both, as part of a celebration of Star Wars creator George Lucas’s birthday. Finally, May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, so it’s a wonderful time to honor the heritage of Asian and Pacific Americans and their contributions to the United States.

Find lesson plans and classroom activities to kick off your cultural and historical exploration plus what’s new on the ReadWriteThink site detailed below. Have a great week!

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[Photo: 29th Asian Pacific American Heritage Festival by Asian/Pacific American Heritage Festival, on Flickr]