FAQs on the Lists

Who is Traci?
See the About page for the details.
What are the Lists of Ten?
The Lists of Ten are writing assignments, classroom activities, and teaching strategies for middle, secondary, and college teachers. In addition to classroom-ready assignments and activities, you’ll find teaching tips, pedagogical guidelines, administrative pointers.
Where are the web pages for the Lists of Ten?
Traci’s Lists of Ten have been stored on a Dreamhost server since January 2008. Server space for the lists was graciously provided by Interversity, from 2002 to 2007, and by the National Council of Teachers of English, from June 1999 to 2002. The first home of the Lists was the Website of The Daedalus Group, Inc., in Austin, Texas, USA. Archival copies of the lists are still available on The Daedalus Group server; however, the tengrrl.com web server is the current home of the lists. Only the pages on the Dreamhost server are updated when new lists are posted.

The Lists of Ten are the ideas and opinions of the writer and do not reflect the opinion of the organizations who have provided server space for the Lists of Ten.

Where are the email versions of the Lists of Ten posted?
The email versions of Traci’s Lists of Ten were originally posted to the TechRhet Discussion List, the Writing Center Discussion List (WCenter), the Writing Program Administrators List (WPA-L), and NCTE’s general discussion list (NCTE-TALK).
When are the lists posted?
Originally, the Lists of Ten were posted about every ten days, but as time has passed, I haven’t been able to keep up with that pace. The Lists of Ten are posted whenever I have a chance to write something these days.
Why Lists of Ten? Why not Twelve or Sixteen?
The Lists of Ten were originally posted as part of the Tenth Anniversary celebration of The Daedalus Group, in 1998. So there were ten items in every list, and the lists were posted every ten days.
Why are you writing these lists?
The Lists of Ten came about for several reasons. First and foremost, as an educational and technical consultant far removed from the classroom, I began to miss the chance to come up with assignments, to work through lesson plans, and to craft classroom activities. Next, it was the tenth anniversary of the company that I was working for, The Daedalus Group. I wanted my part of the company, Instructional Services, to do something special, and the Lists of Ten were what I came up with. Since then, they’ve grown into their own regular resource for teachers.
Are the Lists of Ten published in print anywhere?
The complete collection of Lists of Ten are published only on the web. Several individual lists have been published in NCTE’s Classroom Notes Plus and occasionally in other journals.
Is it OK to share the lists with others?
See Copying and Sharing the Lists.