This calendar of CFPs deals primarily with topics of rhetoric, composition, technology, and technical writing. You may also find the 2018-2019 Rhetmap for C&R and TBW, maintained by Jim Ridolfo, useful. See the FAQ below the calendar.



  • Where do the CFPs come from?
    I list whatever CFPs I see on the discussion lists that I subscribe to: WPA-L, WCENTER, CPTSC, ATTW, and TechRhet.
  • Want me to add your CFP?
    Email it to me. Please allow a week for me to add it to the calendar. I’ll email you when it’s posted.
  • What do you list?
    Any calls with specific related dates that fall into the general area of teaching composition, rhetoric, technical writing, and the like.
  • How do I use this calendar?
    There are three options: you can visit this page, you can add the entire calendar to your Google calendar, or you can add individual calls to your Google calendar.
  • What journals have you checked?
    • ATD
    • Assessing Writing
    • BWe
    • C&C
    • CCC
    • CDQ
    • CE
    • CLJ
    • Composition Studies
    • CPTSC PP
    • EJ
    • Enculturation
    • Hybrid Pedagogy
    • Harlot
    • Intermezzo
    • Itineration
    • JAC
    • JBW
    • JITP
    • Journal of Second Language Writing
    • JTW
    • JUMP
    • Kairos
    • Pedagogy
    • Peitho
    • Praxis
    • Present Tense
    • Reflections
    • Rhetoric Review
    • RSQ
    • RTE
    • TCQ
    • TETYC
    • WAC Journal
    • WCJ
    • WLN
    • WPA
    • Written Comm
    • Xchanges