Does Comcast Care, Part 3

It’s 5 months and 6 days. I’ve been assured that the refund check has been cut and I should have it this week. Here’s what happened late last week.

2:42 PM, I returned the call from Mary, an Executive Support Specialist in Oakbrook, Illinois. I got someone else, and was told that Mary wasn’t taking any calls because of computer problems. The person was going to walk my information over to Mary so she could return my call later.

3:10 PM, Mary tells me that they are “working to get the refund out” and that they are “hoping to have resolution today or tomorrow.” She can’t really tell me anymore, but mentioned that she knew I’d been told a lot of things by a lot of different people and she was working to figure out what was going on.

11:22 AM, Mary, the Executive Support Specialist in Illinois, calls again. Mary tells me that they are getting the check out in the next few days and that I should have it this week. She says she has checked and the process for the check has been released (whatever that means).

She also had an explanation for what caused this nightmare. Apparently someone in the Urbana office has been out on extended sick leave for three and a half months. The customer-savvy Comcast people in Urbana have just been piling things on this person’s desk and no one is taking care of them.

In other words, anyone looking for a refund or whatnot from the Urbana Comcast is probably in the same situation I am. Every time I called and asked for my refund, they just added another request to this huge pile that no one is taking care of.

Of course, that only explains 3.5 of the 5+ months delay, but it’s better than no explanation.

The conclusion so far
Comcast’s corporate office may care, especially if you splash a lot of complaints all across the Internet.

Comcast’s Urbana, Illinois office doesn’t care in any way at all. No company that cared could allow customer service requests to sit for 3.5 months.

2 Responses to Does Comcast Care, Part 3

  1. comcast hater says:

    It has been over a year for me since I’ve been told the check is in the mail. The refund due to me is too small for me to waste so much time with their support team. I’ve given up but it drives me crazy to think how many others have lost out and how all those small amounts add up big for comcast. Hope it works out for you.

  2. Adam says:

    I know that I’m not the first to consider the interest to be made on the money from the many consumers in like situations with similar companies…whether parked in a bank account or involved in an investment, that money is working for them over that time, five months or five days…must add up to quite a bit, maybe enough to cover the salaries of those employed to sort out where it goes? While on a service-for-payment basis, of course the money is theirs to earn what it can – but from the effective date of a credit, at least, in-fact ownership should return to the purchaser, and it should be treated as a loan, interest rate determined by previous agreement in the ToS, until the date the original owner has real possession of those funds. I don’t know, the accounting necessary to sort out that ROI would be staggering, maybe that’s why the policies don’t cover an assumed standard rate of return. But I’m not convinced, the numbers are all being processed already. Perhaps a automatic penalty for delay (or at least loss of benefit from delay) in this fashion would cause a bit more promptness on the part of accounts payable?