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My 2017 #drive2cw

So let’s face it folks, I have some disabilities–diabetes, arthritis, and bursitis. I have trouble standing in a long buffet line or walking from a distant parking lot. I’ve always known that means no #ride2cw participation for me. I do as well as I can, but I’m not able to ride to and/or roll, run, walk around the Computers and Writing Conference.

Map showing route from Blacksburg, VA (24060) to Findlay, OHAnd that makes me a sad panda. So this year I thought, “Why not make up my own thing?” That, dear reader and potential supporter, is how #drive2cw was born.

On Tuesday, May 30, I will drive the 400 miles from Blacksburg to Findlay, and on Wednesday, May 31, I will tool around Findlay between meetings. During these two days, I will document my travels for those who contribute to GRN fundraising in these ways:

  • For every $100 donated to GRN, I pledge to post one Instagram photo (@tengrrl) highlighting a remarkable* aspect of my travels on May 30 and 31. Note that remarkability is completely up to my discretion and will likely involve photos from Love’s Truck Stop, Sheetz, and the McDonald’s drive-thru.
  • For every $1000 donated to GRN, I pledge to post a video related to my travels on May 30 and 31. The video(s) may be Facebook Live videos if conditions allow, but there are no promises. Those of you who watched my riveting Facebook Live video on the way to CWPA last July know what to expect.
  • If the $3000 goal for donations to GRN is met, I pledge to do something spectacular that I haven’t quite figured out yet (suggestions welcome).

Note that the pledged materials may not be posted immediately, since texting while driving is a really bad idea.

To partake of this excitement, you should donate to GRN, and then

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