Brainstormed Teaching Activities

Out of either laziness or incredible wisdom, I’m posting notes on things I taught in the past. Really this is just a collection for me to pull from as I’m working on the chapter. It’s likely that none of it will make sense to you. So move along if you’re easily confused.

First, it’s always fun to go through a folder and find things you’ve written and don’t remember, especially when you also didn’t post them online or publish them anywhere.

  • Making Decentered Discussions More Comfortable for ESL Students
  • Using Active Techniques in Online Discussions
  • Some unnamed draft of tips on using online discussion tools.

Now on to the various notes from my FYC teaching folder:

  • Writer Analogy (already a RWT lesson)
  • CSI/Detective Questionnaire (for descriptive paper I think)
  • College education analogy
  • Library Description (peer review)
  • Argument Analysis (peer review, editing review)
  • Orientation Library Tour Assignment
  • Ritual writing assignment
  • Reflection on school experience
  • Childhood memories (special place)
  • Golden Shovel assignment
  • Folk/Fairy Tale comparison
  • TV influence on dreams
  • Fairy Tales, culture, stereotypes
  • Classification of Full-page Ads
  • Atwood’s "you fit into me"
  • Pastan’s "Marks"
  • Future Dream and definition of dream
  • Mood in a place
  • Celebrity endorsement (editing checklist)
  • Letter to an author
  • Recent self-discovery paper
  • Audience Analysis paper (tied to ISearch)
  • Newspaper column introduction
  • New York essay
  • Writing from another perspective (e.g., a dog)
  • Insignificant personal experience (perhaps with large consequences)
  • Who is the speaker?
  • Literal versus Figurative
  • Opening Paragraph workshop (also titles)
  • Fable behind a poem
  • Your Own Myth
  • Doublespeak
  • Jargon and nursery rhymes
  • Nursery rhyme from another perspective (e.g., accident report)

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