traci's lists of ten

Traci's Lists of Ten:
For Grants Writers

Posted on Daedalus Website as on 05/28/98.

This list of ten tips and considerations for grant writers was written as part of the "Money Matter$: Developing Technology Planning and Grants Documents for Teaching Writing with Computer Technologies" workshop at the Computers and Writing Conference in Gainesville, Florida. The list is short, but sweet. It's not EVERYTHING you need to know if you're working on a grant, but ten things a successful grant writer won't ignore.
  1. What are the politics and concerns of the grant-funding organization? Know them and be sure that they are dealt with.

  2. Work from your program and the pedagogical needs of your teachers to the technology -- Not the other way around.

  3. Investigate the territorial rights involved on your campus.

  4. Read the application -- Carefully. Word-by-word. Outloud even. Follow its instructions obsessively.

  5. Study the evaluation information and examples: Be sure that your application provides all the material and will meet the evaluation criteria.

  6. Be clear and simple. Get out a business writing book. Your readers may not have a clue what you're talking about. Be sure that your ideas are accessible.

  7. Publicize what you're doing. Network. Network. Network. Build a community behind the project.

  8. Get support for your project from everywhere possible (within the possibilities of the grant application). Ask for letters of support, petitions, and so forth.

  9. Include clear details about the assessment of your project. Tell the reviewers what your end goals are and how you will determine whether you have achieved them.

  10. Ask for more than you matter what you get, it won't be enough.
Originally Posted on the Daedalus Website on May 28, 1998.