Girl Scouting . . . “the cradle of careers”

The Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace posted this comment and photo on Facebook this afternoon:

In 1924, Juliette Gordon Low gave a speech about Girl Scouting, “… the cradle of careers. It is where careers are born. For instance, a girl tries bandaging. She find she likes Red Cross work and she decides to study seriously and become a Hospital Nurse. Or, she is expert in signaling and the Morse code leads to her becoming–a Telegraph Operator. Or, she goes in for social service and gets a Government job.”GS-FirstAid

I love this statement from Juliette Low, and my experiences confirm her message.

My jobs all came about because of things I did with Girl Scouting. Babysitting came from a child care badge. My first job as a page in the local library grew out of a service project I did at the library as a volunteer. My “grown-up” work as a teacher came from all those years of working with younger girls to help them learn to do new and wonderful things. I don’t know who or where I’d be if it weren’t for Girl Scouts!