Welcome to the Conference

welcomepuppy-400hWelcome to the Computers and Writing Conference! Attending a conference can be challenging if you don’t know anyone and aren’t sure how things work. You will find resources here to help you meet both of those challenges.

Sign-Up for a Mentor
Get started by filling out the C&W 2016 Mentoring Sign-Up form. The mentoring program pairs up first-time attendees with experienced conference-goers who will make sure people new to the conference feel welcome. If you need a mentor, we will try to find you one.

Sign-Up to Be a Mentor
If you’re an experienced conference-goers, please volunteer to be a mentor by filling out the same Sign-Up form.

Let Us Know What You Need
You will find additional resources here on the site. If you have questions that aren’t answered or need something to have the best conference, fill out the Contact Form and let us know. Alternately, you can email Traci at tengrrl at tengrrl dot com.