The Fifth C: Computers, Special Interest GroupSession, CCCC 1998

Special Interest Group, SG1.8, CCCC, 49thAnnual Conference, Chicago. Palmer House Hilton/Salon III, 3rd Floor.2 April 1998.

Sponsored by the CCCC Committee on Computers inComposition and Communication

The following Sense-of-the-House Motion was offered for adoption inthe CCCC General Business meeting, on April 4, 1998, by TraciGardner, and passed by the members there assembled:

Whereas Cynthia Selfe, Chair ofCCCC, issued a call to action in her keynote address on Thursday,urging us to take a professional stand on a variety of technologicalissues affecting access, funding, and literacy practices,

Be it resolved that CCCC encourage theCommittee on Computers in Composition and Communication to draftguidelines and suggest standards for creating, funding, supporting,and assessing technology initiatives in composition and literacyinstruction, and that these guidelines and standards inform thedrafting of a CCCC statement on these issues.