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January is traditionally the time for starting new endeavors and setting aggressive goals. In the past, I set goals like reading every professional journal, returning papers in less than 48 hours, and responding to every CFP. Far too much. Impossible to achieve. So it may be half-way through January, but I hadn't bothered setting any goals yet.


  1. 7Cs set of “Tenure and Promotion Cases for Composition Faculty Who Work with Technology,” which once resided on Cynthia Selfe’s server space at Michigan Tech and which went offline (except on the Wayback Machine) a few years ago. It is now being hosted by the National Council of Teachers of English on their website at

  2. After many years of usability testing, analyzing data from our users, and developing a new design, we have launched an updated version of the Purdue OWL website:

  3. I'm writing to share the news that the new Writing@CSU site has been released. The site ( features more than 35,000 pages of resources supporting writers and writing teachers and provides access to the Writing Studio, an open-access instructional writing environment that includes writing tools, research tools, and a course management system for writing classes. Of note in this new release are redesigned blog, wiki, and ePortfolio tools.

    Here at UC Irvine, we use The Writing Studio, created by Mike Palmquist at Colorado State, to allow all our instructors to archive curricular materials. I created a "class" and enrolled each instructor as a co-instructor, which means they can add/change/delete anything on the site (We do some training beforehand, and back up the class regularly).  The "Cyberlounge," as we've come to call it, has thousands of exercises, quizzes, classroom activities, peer review questions, etc, all uploaded by teaching assistants and Lecturers from our Composition Staff. Each studio class has an eport tool, a wiki tool, forums, blogs, file folders, and links (and other good stuff too). If you make yourself an account at the studio, email me at and I'll enroll you in the Cyberlounge so you can have a look--it's not public otherwise.

    For more info on this fabulous tool (which we also use for all our first-year writing classes), go to

    The studio is extremely easy to administrate and use and it's totally free.  I can't say enough good things about what the Studio has done for our program.

    Lynda Haas
    Associate Director of Composition
    UC Irvine

  4. As you will remember, the two of us are coordinating the WPA/CompPile bibliographic initiative to make research findings for WPAs and other professionals in rhet/comp easily available. We¹re pleased to announce the online publication of the first of these bibliographies, by Anthony Edgington and Robin Gallaher, on junior faculty and graduate student administration issues. An online view and PDF download are available at <> There is a link to this page on the CompPile homesite <>

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  6. Wayback machine... when you can't find what you're looking for on that newly minted site :)