copying and sharing

I've written all the Lists of Ten to share with teachers, but it's important that I retain copyright and ownership of the texts.

Please feel free to link your website to the Lists of Ten website. You do not need to write me for permission to do so. If you'd like, you can send a postcard for my postcard collection, using the mailing address in the footer.

It's also fine for you resend the email messages, to forward the lists to your colleagues or to share the web page addresses with other teacher whom you think would be interested. Additionally, it's fine to print or photocopy the lists for the other English teachers at your schools. Simply be sure that you forward the complete list and include the copyright information.

If you're interested in sharing a printout of one or more of the lists with a large groups (say, at a conference), please do write tengrrl at for permission. Knowing who is looking at the lists helps me think through issues of audience. And more importantly, I get so much email from teachers since my job is educational support that it helps for me to know a bit about who might be writing about what.

What's Not OK? It's not acceptable to republish the lists in any form -- in print or online. To do so is to violate the copyright on these lists.

Several individual lists have been published by my permission in NCTE's Classroom Notes Plus and in the Classmate, the Newsletter of the Manitoba Association of Teachers of English. If you're interested in publishing a list in your journal or a newsletter, please contact me for written permission. Complete contact information is listed in the footer.

Thanks for your interest in the lists. If you have any ideas or questions, feel free to write.