Thanks to Bedford/St. Martin’s

These blog entries, written by Traci Gardner, were published in TechNotes, a free newsletter for writing teachers from Bedford/St. Martin’s. Nick Carbone, Director of New Media for Bedford/St. Martin's, has archived all TechNotes posts on his blog.

Web Works in Progress
Asks students to consider different versions of the same basic site in classroom discussions about Web sites as texts that are always “works in progress.”

The Dos and Do Nots of the Internet Class
Discusses the rhetorical and pedagogical situations surrounding the choice of e-mail addresses by students.

Did He Really Say That? Or Did She?
Considers what gender checkers catch and what they don’t—and ways to use them in the classroom.

Explores the ways that Microsoft’s PowerPoint is discussed as villian and hero in business and educational settings.

Web Litterbugs
Suggests ways to take advantage of the ever-changing pages on the Internet in the classroom.

Spam, Spam, Spam, TechNotes, and Spam
Proposes discussion questions and related articles on spam.

Computer Viruses: Who’s to Blame?
Investigates the rhetoric of virus announcements and hoaxes.

Let’s Chat
Discusses articles on Microsoft’s decision to no longer provide a free Chat service.

AP Wire | 07/10/2003 | Study: 12th-graders can’t write well
Asks readers to consider whether students can't write—or the testmakers.

Slow Down. You Load Too Fast.
Reminds teachers of the importance of testing the speed of Internet resources that we ask our students to use.