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Sunday, June 05, 2005

From Danny to Raisin -> Student Explorations -> Social Networks
Social Networks

Just some working notes. This section has the most interesting potential, given the number of books that now include faux messages ranging from e-mail messages to instant messages and blogging. To be developed eventually...
Passing NotesIn many young adult books, text messages and e-mail messages replace the note passing of the past. Students without computer access may first experience the format of instant messages and e-mail in these novels, and students' experiences with the netiquette and social issues surrounding technology issues may stem just as often from picture books and novels as it does from what they see on television or at the movies.

Girl Text MessagingSo much of the young adult audience's world focuses on cliques and social networks that it's little surprise that books such as TTYL (Amulet, 2004) and p:¬) ChaseR (Candlewick, 2002) have evolved. In these books, we see the characters' social networks at work as we are invited to read their instant messages and e-mail messages.

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