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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Metaphors from Click Here
Click Here: (To Find Our How I Survived Seventh Grade) by Denise Vega (Little, Brown, 2005)

Thrill in some worst technology metaphors ever:
Click Here
  • "The gossip superhighway at Molly Brown [Middle School] is wireless." (21).

  • "The news spread like a computer virus...." (36).

  • "I turned and glared at him. 'You can p align your butt to a different group,' I said. 'It doesn't matter to me.'
         'P align is an HTML code for aligning somethin on a page.' I looked up to see Mark Sacks standing in the cluster to our right, looking at the boy beside me. 'Positioning it. You know, like left, center, right.' He moved his hands to demonstrate each position. 'She knows her stuff,' he said, nodding at me." (50)

  • "Her meanness couldn't penetrate my webmaster shield." (86)

  • "Well, maybe because I'd rather have a virus attack my hard drive than have people staring at various parts of my body the way they were staring at Jilly." (94)

  • "His face lit up like the DSL light on a modem." (107)

  • "I took a breath, then let it out long and slow. I should have been completely embarrassed saying all of that to a complete stranger, but for some reason I felt . . . relieved. Lighter. Like I'd just defragmented my hard drive." (112)

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