Hamburger Hash

Tweet This Betty Crocker recipe (original here) is described as an “Easy hamburger dish that’s made in slow cooker—perfect for a dinner.” Certainly worth a try. The Expert Tip with the recipes says, “This recipe is a tried-and-true kid pleaser. Take it to Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts or school events, and there’s little chance you’ll […]

Senate Bean Soup

Tweet Don’t let this pork and bean soup recipe from Betty Crocker (original here) trick you. This isn’t pork and beans. This is the real thing—a warm soup made with great Northern beans and ham, thickened with mashed potatoes. Ingredients 2 cups dried navy beans or Great Northern beans (1 lb), sorted and rinsed 12 […]

Dirty Rice

Tweet I’ve only ever made Dirty Rice from a mix, so this simple recipe from the June 2003 issue of Southern Living (original here) caught my attention. The mixes are pretty easy, but this looks easy enough that I will probably give it a try eventually. Ingredients 1 pound lean ground beef 2 garlic cloves, […]

Barbecued Frankfurters

Tweet Today is my sister Kerri’s birthday, so I’m sharing one of her favorite meals. The spiral macaroni in the meal came to be known in the family as “Kerri curls” because her hair fell in perfect little ringlets when she was young. They looked just like the macaroni, only a lovely strawberry blonde. Mom […]

Stir-Fry Your Way

Tweet So many of the stir fry recipes that I see tell you to use a bottle of “stir fry sauce.” Where’s the technique in that? So I was pleased when I found this recipe from the April 2011 issue of All You (original here), that includes a sauce you make yourself. The recipe was […]

Ramen Beef Pie

Tweet I found this recipe in a Seattle newspaper article that was exploring recipes that used every college student’s favorite cheap food, ramen noodles. The article explains, “Now that work is over, you can finally go home and enjoy a nice, giant helping of ramen beef pie. It’s like Shepard’s Pie or Pâté Chinois, a […]