Ten Ways to Use Digital Tools in the Writing Classroom

sswc-logoThese resources are from the keynote address for the Student Success in Writing Conference 2015, which I delivered on Friday, April 17, 2015, in the Auditorium of the Coastal Georgia Center, in Savannah, Georgia.


As I prepare for any class I teach, I post the planned activities on a WordPress blog and send out updates on Twitter. My blog post typically includes a photo I have found on Flickr, using Creative Commons search. In class, we are likely to talk about Facebook, Flickr, or Pinterest. We build LinkedIn profiles, write blog posts, and discuss online personas. Technology has become a significant part of what I teach and how I communicate with students, but rarely am I teaching students technology. Instead, I am asking them to engage in conversations, research solutions, and take action. My goal is never to use technology for technology’s sake; it is to engage students in activities that support their development as writers. In my presentation, I will outline ten ways teachers can use digital tools in the classroom to support student success in the writing classroom (and beyond).



Links from the Presentation

Why Use Social Media in the Classroom

(1) Literacy Narratives

(2) Digital Identity Mapping

(3) Digital Tool Logs

(4) Class Brainstorming

(5) Pattern Analysis

(6) Collaborative Researching and Writing

(7) Social Mediated Research

(8) Reviewing Digital Tools

(9) Building New Texts

(10) Rethinking Existing Texts