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Posts You’ve Gotta Read from Bedford/St. Martin’s

_MG_7158During October, the Bedford/St. Martin’s blogs posted over three dozen new posts on topics ranging from pop culture to teaching with technology. Be sure that you check out all the great ideas for talking about current events and the the election, and don’t miss Andrea Lunsford’s discussion of syllabus design in the Classroom Strategies and Resources section:

Writing Program Administration

About Writing and Being a Writer

Classroom Strategies and Resources

Analyzing Popular Culture and Current Events

Teaching with Technology

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—Traci Gardner

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  • U. of Alberta Teams Up With Udacity to Build a Better MOOC – The Ticker – The Chronicle of Higher Education http://t.co/orjM5IZq ->
  • The Future of Education: Creating Your Own Schools | MindShift http://t.co/KxL7bE0S ->
  • Antioch U. Will Offer MOOC’s for Credit Through Coursera – The Ticker – The Chronicle of Higher Education http://t.co/41wOeiN7 ->
  • From the Archives: Dealing with Disruptions – ProfHacker – The Chronicle of Higher Education http://t.co/zxIqM7fy ->
  • 10 Reasons You Should Do Digital Writing Month – ProfHacker – The Chronicle of Higher Education http://t.co/oyF9VSLC ->
  • Selling Beer and Selling Democracy: American Bald Eagle Logos Today and Yesterday | viz. http://t.co/MPLZZz1m ->
  • Microsoft Gives Book Lovers a New E-Reading Option – inReads http://t.co/dBo3bLSk ->

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