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  • Worried about word counts? Your choice of word processor matters a great deal | Supreme Court of Texas http://t.co/SGqYRrWl /via Drew Loewe ->
  • If We Profs Don't Reform Higher Ed, We'll Be Re-Formed (and we won't like it) http://t.co/KChMOTaC ->

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  • Monopoly token vote: Will it replace the wheelbarrow or iron with a robot or diamond ring? http://t.co/5sZ7Boj9 –interesting analysis ->
  • Quickly Add Speech Bubbles and Effects to Images http://t.co/EiuA6UkU ->
  • When Technology Isn't the Answer http://t.co/sNWYkfzs ->
  • Sir Ken Robinson: Fostering Creativity in Education is Not an Option | MindShift http://t.co/ozbvIuQs ->
  • Five-Minute Film Festival: Best Kickoff Videos | Edutopia http://t.co/8DvWsQsc ->
  • A Virtual Meeting Ground for Language and Literature Scholars – Wired Campus – The Chronicle of Higher Education http://t.co/oj9kqLBd ->
  • Why Teachers Secretly Hate Grading Papers – John Tierney – The Atlantic http://t.co/drTXLwtz (it's a secret?) ->
  • Academic Minute: Disappearing Texasisms | Inside Higher Ed http://t.co/3MyNitiV –why many features of Texas-English are disappearing ->
  • Campus and academic communities left to wonder why after a professor's suicide | Inside Higher Ed http://t.co/2wVfoQoi ->
  • How to study: Stop highlighting, cramming and rereading notes. Start taking practice tests and using flashcards. | AJC http://t.co/JQLaW3y1 ->
  • Charlotte Zolotow Winner Announced by CCBC | The Goddess of YA Literature – http://t.co/8Lxlb4n2 ->
  • Repurposing Anthimeria – Lingua Franca – The Chronicle of Higher Education http://t.co/46RtdKV7 ->

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