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  • Eight Ways to Use Video With English Language Learners | Edutopia http://ow.ly/enFza
  • In Praise of the Lost, Intimate Art of Reading Aloud – The Atlantic http://ow.ly/enEfN
  • Making the most of parent-teacher conferences | Deseret News http://ow.ly/enEdi
  • The Top Ten Ways of Driving Your Professors Crazy http://ow.ly/enDOa
  • How to Teach ‘Hamlet’ the Dave Eggers Way – Emilie Coulson – The Atlantic http://ow.ly/eno7Y
  • Semantics and Silence: What is “Rape” in a Video Game? *trigger* | Not Your Mama’s Gamer http://ow.ly/ennz5
  • Will the New Online Standardized Tests Be Different? | MindShift http://ow.ly/ennpp
  • What Are Your Essential In-Class Teaching Tools? – ProfHacker – The Chronicle of Higher Education http://ow.ly/ennmT
  • Consider Conducting a Mid-Semester Course Evaluation – ProfHacker – The Chronicle of Higher Education http://ow.ly/ennfC
  • Building Your Own Memex | GradHacker http://ow.ly/ennaq

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  • How High School Students Use Facebook To Fool College Admissions Officers http://ow.ly/epUYI
  • Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Universities for Google Book Scanning | HackCollege http://ow.ly/epjUm
  • Your Twitter Hashtag Chats Are Ruining My Life. Please Stop http://ow.ly/epjko
  • How to Spot Truth in the Sea of Lies, Rumors, and Myths on the Internet http://ow.ly/epiP7
  • Lesson | No Pride in Prejudice: Looking Beyond the Gender Labels to Experience Literature – NYTimes http://ow.ly/epiAm
  • Mo Yan Wins Nobel Literature Prize – NYTimes http://ow.ly/eph48
  • APA Style Blog: British Spellings http://ow.ly/epgZO
  • What’s Worth Investing In? Criteria for Choosing Technology for Learning | MindShift http://ow.ly/epgF4
  • Revolving around the Writing Revolution – Lingua Franca – The Chronicle of Higher Education http://ow.ly/eo6eF

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