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The Back-to-School Organization Bug

Desk supplies by Russ NeumeierI couldn’t figure out why i suddenly cared about the mess on my desk and the piles of papers sitting around this week. Why did it suddenly matter?

I did think it funny that the printouts at the bottom of every pile were dated August of last year. Apparently, the last time i had a blank slate was last year this time. Since then, it’s all been piling up.

As I was working through the weekend’s news articles, I happened upon “Kids heading back to school? Create some room to think in your home.” The quotation that showed up in Google Reader said, “"I always spent my first month of teaching fourth- and fifth-graders teaching organization.”

Suddenly everything made sense. I had switched into back to school mode.

I haven’t actually been in a classroom in years, yet my brain switched me over just the same. Given the dates at the bottom of the piles, I did this last year as well.

I guess the back-to-school fever shows up differently for all of us. What comes naturally to teachers, however, may not occur to students and families. If you’re teaching younger students, you might share that NOLA.com article with families. If you’re teaching secondary or college students, have students read the article themselves and think about concrete changes they can make to ensure they have a great school year. You can use the article to evaluate the classroom as well and embark on a community-building activity with students to improve the learning space.

Me, I have to get back to cleaning up paper and straightening books on the book shelves. What have you been doing to get ready for the new school year?


[Creative Commons licensed Flickr photo by Russ Neumeier]

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Tengrrl Cooks: A Collection Space for Family Recipes

Hanging Pans in Kitchen by रोकावट के लिया खेदEarlier this week, I wrote about my ongoing challenge to organize the bits of paper and pixels in my life. The one category that I was most lost on was how to handle the many recipes and cooking ideas spread around my desk.

I have recipes in a plastic recipe box, in a 3-ring binder, and in a folder on my computer. I have some online recipes hidden in Delicious and others in my Food Network recipe box. I have a few in a wiki I tried to create as an online cookbook. And I have printouts stuck in various piles on my desk and in the kitchen. In short, I’m overrun with recipes, and I never know where the one I need is.

After a lot of thinking and advice from my friend Lisa Fink, who has her own online recipe collection, I decided to set up a blog specifically for recipes. After all, they really do not belong here with the teaching ideas.

I did a little research and found a WordPress plugin specifically for recipes, hRecipe. It adds in the headers and sections to keep the recipes consistent, and uses the hRecipe 0.22 microformat that optimizes the recipes for searching and classification. The microformat is used on the Food Network website as well as a number of other sites.

So if you’re interested in cooking, take a look at Tengrrl Cooks. There are only four recipes there so far, but they’re great ones:

Tell me what you think of the new site, and let me know if you have a favorite recipe I should try!


[Creative Commons licensed Flickr photo by रोकावट के लिया खेद]

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@newsfromtengrrl for 2010-08-10

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