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2000 Posts!!!

2000 Posts on Tengrrl.com!I logged into the blog just now to add the January Ink’d In to the newsletter archive list (yes, I’m behind) and found this summary information. That’s right. There are officially 2000+ posts here now.

Now never mind that about 2/3 are probably news update summaries. And let’s not mention that there are some missing posts on a Zip cartridge somewhere. Let’s just revel in the nice, pretty numbers :)

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  • Pentametron Program Finds Tweets In Iambic Pentameter, Turns Them Into Poetry : NPR http://t.co/gm9bixBJ ->
  • Florida Instructor Should Be Fired for Electioneering in Class, College Says – The Chronicle of Higher Education http://t.co/pZvQPMKc ->
  • It's Official, Posterous Is Shutting Down – Get Your Data Now http://t.co/iWGQnGFf ->